Does Running Keep Us Young?

Years ago, a popular word in the world of health was “telomere,” the protective area at the end of the chromosomes. When cells replicate, they lose some of this protective area until the telomeres become so worn down that the cells can’t replicate correctly any longer. That’s why telomere length is considered a marker of age. However, for runners, there is some good news. Research suggests that endurance exercise helps preserve telomere length as one ages. A 2013 [...]

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Does the Human Lifespan Peak at 150 Years Old?

In February of 1875, Jeanne Calment came into the world in Arles, France. More than a century later, the daughter of a shipbuilder and miller gained a unique kind of fame most others will never achieve.  According to the Guinness Book of World Record, she became the oldest-verified person to ever live. In 1986, she became the oldest person living in France at 111 years old, and she thrived for another 11 years before passing away at 122 [...]

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Advances in Longevity to Keep an Eye on in 2021

Across the globe, hundreds of companies are working on developments that could increase longevity, improve health and slow the aging process. Researchers have made crucial steps toward improving lifespans by using remarkable innovations throughout the last few years. After the chaos that 2020 brought with the COVID-19 pandemic and a focus on senior care and protection, 2021 is anticipated to be a year that sets the stage for some incredible new longevity advances as companies in the field [...]

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What Is CRISPR, and How Can It Support Human Longevity?

Scientists are increasingly working to achieve Longevity Escape Velocity. The term refers to the point when the scientific progress needed to increase life expectancy by one year consistently requires less than a year, thus extending human life to hundreds or perhaps even thousands of years. Currently, it requires more than a year of research to extend human life by one year. Longevity Escape Velocity refers to the point when scientific progress inverts this ratio. One of the biggest [...]

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