About Dylan E. Taylor


Dylan Taylor is a global business leader, investor and philanthropist. An active pioneer in the Frontier Tech, Dylan currently serves as the Chairman and CEO of Voyager Space Holdings, a leading multinational space exploration company.

Within the realm of frontier technology, Dylan is also an advocate of space manufacturing and the utilization of in-space resources. In 2017, Dylan became the first private citizen to ever manufacture an item in space; a gravity meter that he co-designed and commissioned and was then 3D printed on the International Space Station.

Dylan’s technical background and global business experience has positioned him as a unique voice in the space industry. As a futurist and thought leader, Dylan’s writing on the future of the space economy and innovative technologies, have been featured in publications including SpaceNews, The Space Review, ROOM and Space.com. In 2020, Dylan was honored with the space Industry’s top award for business and finance by the Commercial Spaceflight Federation.

Adjacent to the space sector, Dylan is interested in the development of AI, brain science, biotech and longevity; all necessary components of creating a sustainable life in space. Take a journey with Dylan through his provocative thoughts on how technology is shaping our world and the possibility for our collective future.