Preparing for the Commonplace 100-Year Lifespan

Living to see 100 isn't as uncommon as it used to be. Statistics and ongoing medical progress suggest that most people in their twenties and thirties today are highly likely to hit that century-old milestone. It's estimated that there are over a half-million centenarians worldwide, many of whom still lead active, fulfilling lifestyles. While there's no supreme secret to turning 100, some general notions appear to make long-term survival more likely. Eating well, getting a required amount of sleep and [...]

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Exploring the Potential of Synthetic Biology

In an age of rapidly growing technology, it seems like there is no limit to what science can do for humankind. There are no boundaries to our curiosity and exploration, from space exploration to atomic energy, as we search for better ways to live and improve the world around us.  Synthetic biology is on the precipice of making significant breakthroughs that could change everything about life as we know it. With the potential to change the food we [...]

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Research on How Diet and Exercise Help Improve Longevity

For many years, it’s been a widely accepted fact that nutrition has a significant effect on our health. The foods we eat play a primary role in our body composition and function. “Eating well” helps things work or grow as they should and aids in fighting off disease. This being said, it should come as no surprise that eating a healthy, well-balanced diet, especially when paired with regular exercise, can also add valuable years to your life.  In [...]

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Space Technology to Shape Hospitals of the Future

For nearly two years, the world has watched as doctors, nurses, and other healthcare professionals work on the frontlines of a global pandemic. During this time, we’ve witnessed tremendous displays of strength, mental fortitude, and selflessness in the face of grueling hours and difficult demands. And while these medical professionals have worked with their feet planted firmly on the ground and their thoughts turned to their patients, members of the scientific community have looked upward in their search [...]

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Progress in Brain-Computer Interfaces

Over the past decade, Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) has taken a major leap forward in the ways they can positively impact human existence. BCI translates brainwaves into machine-operable commands, allowing us to perform feats that look like sci-fi, such as operating computers or prosthetic limbs using only our minds.  The concept of translating brain waves into actions isn’t a new one and BCI has actually been around for decades, but only in a laboratory setting. The progress and upcoming [...]

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Four Changes That Can Improve Your Lifespan, According to Research

Fabled fountains of youth. $1,800-per-ounce anti-aging cream. Doomed quests for immortality. Throughout history, the desire to prolong life, cure ailments, and stay youthful has led humans to some extreme lengths. Nowadays, diet companies and wellness influencers continue the trend, promising health and longevity in exchange for strict protocols or expensive products. However, few can guarantee lasting outcomes.  At the end of the day, straightforward changes to your diet, sleep schedule, exercise routine, and drug and alcohol habits are [...]

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