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Brain Science and BioTech

Why 2023 Was a Big Year for Brain-Computer Interfaces

In the dynamic realm of neuroscience and technology, the year 2023 emerged as a milestone for Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs), bringing forth groundbreaking innovations that promise to reshape our understanding of the human mind. From remarkable breakthroughs to applications [...]

By |January 26th, 2024|

All About Genome Editing with CRISPR-Cas9 Technology

Improving our health and longevity has long been top of mind for humanity. However, new innovations in genome editing are finally reshaping how we can navigate challenges in these areas. Revolutionizing the field of genetics and biotechnology, CRISPR-Cas9’s [...]

By |November 2nd, 2023|

How Scientists Have Slowed the Human Aging Process

Aging has remained a timeless concern for humanity. Our search to extend our lives through improved health and well-being remains one of our greatest quests. While humans can't stop the aging process, recent breakthroughs in scientific research have [...]

By |October 12th, 2023|

What Can Brain Interface Technologies Actually Do?

Brain interface technologies are paving the way for a new experiential reality. Cybernetics (the integration of our biology with machines) has already become a possibility, allowing humans to control machines with our thoughts — even if only with [...]

By |August 28th, 2023|